How will the last wolf die?

How will the last wolf die?

This Earth Day, we will not be silent as the lives of America’s wolves are threatened.


Just imagine what would happen if we were silent…

How many more wolves would die, as their protections fell, from the Northern Rockies to the American Southwest, from the Carolina woods to the Great Lake forests?

Would it be hundreds? Thousands? Over time, would any survive?

We will not be silent. This Earth Day, we’re committed to redoubling our efforts to save the wolves. That’s why we’ve set a goal of raising $40,000 by midnight to power our campaigns. Today is the last day of our Earth Day Drive. Donate before the deadline at midnight tonight.

Wolves need our protection this Earth Day.

In the battle over whether to protect wolves or hunt them down, the ranching and livestock industries are powerful adversaries. But we’re also up against something deeper and even more powerful.

Among many people, there’s a deep fear of the wolf — a fear that too easily morphs into hatred, and then bloodlust. The only good wolf, in their view, is a dead wolf.

We know what will happen if that view prevails.

We may not know whether the last wolf would die by a bullet or trap, whether it would be tracked down by a hound or helicopter; whether it would be lured into the open by bait or blasted out of its den with dynamite.

But we do know this kind of cruel and senseless killing is happening right now. Left unchecked, the result will be another kind of silence: the wolf’s howl gone forever.

Make your Earth Day donation to save the wolves.

Environmental Action supporters like you have raised your voices in defense of the wolves over and over again — for the red wolves of North Carolina, the lobos of Arizona and New Mexico, the timber wolves of Wisconsin and Minnesota, and the gray wolves that roam from Colorado to Montana’s Canadian border. And we can’t stop now.

We’ll keep raising our voices in defense of the wolves’ endangered species protections, against the cruelest hunting practices, and for the preservation of the wild lands they need to thrive.

This Earth Day, we need to raise $40,000 by midnight tonight to strengthen and expand our pack of wolf defenders like you.

With only hours left in our Earth Day drive, will you give what you can right now to keep America’s wolves alive?

We will not be silent. We will raise our voices, together.

Thank you for all you do to keep wolves alive, wild and free.