Get Creative to Help Save Jaguars

Get Creative to Help Save Jaguars

Send a creative message to U.S.-based Cargill, calling on the company to save the home of jaguars.


Jaguar (Photo: edmondlafoto, pixabay)

Take Action for Jaguars

The Threat to Jaguars

With fewer than 15,000 jaguars remaining in the wild, we need to act now.1

The tropical forests that are home to these animals are shrinking fast: an area equivalent to 40 football fields has been lost every minute of every day for the past two years.2

Why? In part, so some of the world’s largest agricultural commodities companies can trade and sell palm oil and soybeans.

How You Can Help

To save these big cats and other threatened species, we must protect their home — the world’s tropical forests. We’ve already sent tens of thousands of messages calling on U.S.-based Cargill to commit to zero deforestation in all of their supply chains by 2023.

But we know that sometimes, cutting through the noise to make our voices heard for the planet means thinking outside the box — and getting creative with how we deliver our messages.

You can help us build on this momentum by sending Cargill a personalized jaguar letter and coloring page today.

Take Action for Jaguars
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