Calling for eco-friendly businesses

Calling for eco-friendly businesses

Campaign Update: Urge Netflix to go green

A sound economy is impossible without a healthy environment—not the other way around. If more businesses put the planet first, it could have a profound impact.

For example, streaming videos online uses a tremendous amount of energy. And, depending on the source of that energy, it can have major impacts on the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our climate.

Major energy consumers like Netflix can help direct consumer energy markets toward cleaner, greener sources—and that means cleaner air for everyone. That’s why we’re calling on the online video streaming service to reduce its use of fossil fuels that drive climate change.

To date, thousands of Environmental Action supporters have urged Netflix to shift to 100 percent renewable energy sources, and a few months ago, the company announced further steps to reduce its use of fossil fuels.

This is an important step, but Netflix and other major energy consumers can still do more to support cleaner energy. With your support, we will continue urging Netflix to go green.