Boundary Waters at Stake: This Company Needs to Hear from You

Boundary Waters at Stake: This Company Needs to Hear from You

The Boundary Waters Wilderness and Canoe Area is America’s most popular wilderness area. Urge Twin Metals mining company to abandon plans to threaten these public lands for their own private profit.

Boundary Waters Wilderness and Canoe Area, Minnesota (Photo: Jim Brandenburg)

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The Beauty of the Boundary Waters

The beautiful Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is home to venerable old forests and priceless riparian ecosystems. You’ll find bears, birds, timber wolves, and visiting tourists here.

The pristine waters here are interconnected. They are so interconnect that any pollution in the Boundary Waters would spread easily and stick around for years.

Mining — and the pollution that comes with it — would change Boundary Waters forever.

An Urgent Threat

The Trump administration was performing a study to quantify just how bad and dangerous mining on Boundary Waters’ doorstep would be — until they quietly cancelled it, removing the biggest roadblock to corporations mining on now-protected public lands.1

The company is planning sulfide-ore copper mining for the Boundary Waters. Sulfide-ore copper mining is a dirty, dangerous process that risks the Boundary Waters ecosystem.2

  • Healthy forest will be destroyed to make room for waste piles, roads, tailing ponds, and more.
  • When sulfide-bearing ore is exposed to air and water, compounds like sulfuric acid will be created. These dangerous chemicals could spill into the pristine Boundary Waters.
  • Light, noise, and dust from mining operations will disturb vulnerable wildlife.

How You Can Help

Twin Metals mining company is now planning to mine in this special place. We need to stop them.

We know that the mining company has a vested interest in continuing their project planning process. They stand to profit from the exploitation of one of our nation’s most beautiful natural treasures.

But we also know that the more of us who speak out, the more likely it is that Twin Metals will listen.

No mine is worth trading the natural beauty of the Boundary Waters for. Speak up for this irreplaceable wilderness today.

We need to show Twin Metals that the public opposes their choice to risk the Boundary Waters. And by sharing the news about what’s happening, you can also help raise awareness about the threat to this special place.


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