Right Whale Extinction Alert: No Confirmed Births in 2018

Right Whale Extinction Alert: No Confirmed Births in 2018

This should be a time of hope and new beginnings for the beleaguered North Atlantic right whale. North Atlantic right whales birth their calves from December to March, but this year the calves are missing. Scientists have yet to confirm any 2018 whale births.1

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Entangled North Atlantic right whale (Photo: Sea to Shore Alliance / NOAA Permit #20566

Imperiled North Atlantic Right Whales

Only around 450 of these rare whales remain on the planet. And — with just 100 reproductively mature females capable of birthing the next generation of these unique marine mammals — the entire species is at risk.2

Unless dramatic action is taken, scientists say that North Atlantic right whales could be extinct in just a few decades.3

Whale killed by fishing gear entanglement, 2018 (Photo: Alex Costidis, Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Team)

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