2015 Review

2015 Review

Remember that time we stopped the pipeline, saved a species, shut down FERC or called out climate denial live on national TV? I do. But there’s no way I could fit all the amazing stuff you, me and everyone at Environmental Action did this year into one message. So check out our 2015 highlight reel – stuffed full of more than 75 amazing moments from the past year.

Check it out starting with my personal thank you for an amazing year of activism — and then, if you’re able, please chip in a few dollars to support our work.

You might not know this, but Environmental Action is entirely supported by member donations. There’s no 100% match from some big financier or corporate donor. There’s just you, me, a handful of staff and an amazing community of more than half a million members like you who take action.

The good part of that is that every time you make a donation, it goes right to helping endangered species, fighting for climate justice, or supporting a frontline community. The downside is, we’re a little short of our annual goal to KEEP doing all this great work. So I’m asking you to take a look at this amazing list of (some, not all) of our accomplishments this year, and then chip in whatever you can $5, $15, or $100 to make 2016 even better.


Drew and the team at Environmental Action