• Scrapple From The Apple

    There’s a profound buzz traversing New York City and it’s being generated by anticipation of the People's Climate March, which will descend upon the City on September 21. While the march itself is occurring in ten days, preparations, mobilizations and all the pomp and circumstance in between are already well underway.

  • Write a Letter to the Editor about harmful algal blooms

    We’ve teamed up with Food Water Watch Ohio and the Humane Society of the United States to offer some common-sense strategies to clean up lake Erie by addressing the manure and fertilizer that cause toxic algae blooms.

    But we need your help to make sure local politicians feel the pressure to act.

    Click here to submit a letter responding to the Plain Dealer's call for action - and demand the Governor and Legislature submit a clean up plan right away! Decision-makers regularly read letters to the editor to see what residents are talking about.

  • UPROSE(ing)

    There’s a mighty tree that has been growing in Brooklyn, New York for some time now; and they have been and will continue to be an undeniable force and voice for Climate Justice. That tree and voice is UPROSE. UPROSE is Brooklyn’s oldest Latino community based organization, founded in 1966. Today, they are a nationally-recognized intergenerational and multi-racial/cultural community organization that promotes sustainability through organizing, education, leadership development and cultural/artistic expression.This past Saturday I was  invited to take part in their Community Arts Block Party to make art for the #Peoplesclimate march.

  • Salutations:

    I’m Anthony, an Enviroactivist Ready to Fight the Good Fights With You! Originally from New York City, I have been involved in social activism, political campaigns and the public interest since I was 13 years old. Come meet me online.