• COP20 Kicks The Climate Change Can

    The United Nations Climate Change Conference recently wrapped up in Lima, Peru producing an agreement between over 200 nations known as the "Lima Accord." On the surface, it appears that the Lima Accord ends an impasse that has prevented the UN from creating a global concerted effort to fight climate change. However, digging deeper, the Lima Accord lacks the enforcement and investment we need to really stop climate chaos. And it's failure to act more urgently exposes the growing rift between wealthy and poor nations on how to act.


  • Lame Duck; Lame Bill

    The Republicans didn't even wait until assuming control of the full Congress to unleash their attack on the environment. They've given us a preview of what's to come and unwrapped a surrpetitious spending bill, called the Cromnibus. Written in a cigar smoke filled back room, the bill contains a litany of stocking stuffers for their polluting pals, just in time for Christmas. The cromnibus would open up a pandora's box of deadly implications for our air, water and biodiversity. The House approved the bill late last night, with the Senate set to potentially vote on it as soon as today. Here are just a few of the ways in which this bill is an environmental tradgedy.

  • The Environmental Movement and Ferguson: From Why to How

    I recently attended many of the successful and largely peaceful protest in New York City surrounding the death of Eric Gardner at the hands of the New York City Police Department. On my way home from one of them, I could not help but think about the differences between the protests in New York and those in Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown and the decison not to indict the officer involved in his death. It could be argued that the citizens of New York, especially People of Color, should have been anagrier about the decision not to indict the officers involved in the death of Eric Garner as his death was clearly documented on videos that went viral. Yet, the protests in New York did not end in looting or the destruction of property as they did in Ferguson...

  • Walmart needs to clean up its act

    A few years ago, Walmart promised to get serious about fighting global warming. They even promised to get 100% of their power from clean, green sources. But Walmart is hiding a dirty secret: They're one of America's largest users of dirty coal electricity. Their U.S. stores use more than 4.2 million tons of coal each year. That's nearly six times as much electricity as the entire U.S. auto industry, at a cost of 8 million metric tonnes of global warming pollution each year.

  • Huge News for the Climate

    What a roller coaster. Yesterday, the news coming out of the Senate was just flat out scary for the climate. Mitch McConnell, soon to be the Senate majority leader, announced his plans to make building the Keystone Pipeline and dismantling the EPA cornerstones of the Republican agenda.
    Then, just last night, news broke that President Obama has negotiated the first ever climate treaty with China in secret.
  • The Denial is the Hoax

    When I woke up last Wednesday after the election, I immediately thought about how the new congressional leadership would effect the environment. That process was scary in itself, yet it needed to be done because if you don't embrace reality you cannot progress. Reality check: the new congress will see men and women chairing or joining important committees to whom the whole idea of climate change is anathema.