• What the Deniers Giveth, They Taketh Away

    I am no longer shocked, amazed, dumbfounded or even surprised by how silly members of the United States Congress behave.  Last week, however, the U.S. Senate proved how it can take a serious issue like climate change and turn it into an Abbot and Costello routine. I was surprised, then shocked and finally dumbfounded by the events that took place surrounding amendments that were attached to the controversial (and soon to be vetoed) Keystone XL Pipeline Bill, Senate Bill 1.

  • Fracking: Beneath The Ground, Above The Law

    We can now add a new item to the list of dangers posed by the poisonous practice of fracking: imposing on the Bill of Rights. Dominon Resources (Dominion), the same company that brought us the Cove Point LNG export facility in Maryland, has filed suit against a number of residents in Virginia who refuse to allow them on their property for the purposes of surveying a proposed pipeline route that would stretch to North Carolina through West Virginia.

  • Like A Good Neighbor

    It was seriously cold in New York City last night. So cold that I swear I saw a tauntaun run across Rockaway Boulevard on my wy to the hearing for the proposed Port Ambrose LNG Import facility. Nonetheless, a coalition of fractivists including Surfrider Foundation, Sane Energy Project, Food and Water Watch and New Yorkers Against Fracking brought the heat to Queens to air (pun intended) their concerns about this facility and demand that Governors Cuomo and Christie veto it's construction.

  • COP20 Kicks The Climate Change Can

    The United Nations Climate Change Conference recently wrapped up in Lima, Peru producing an agreement between over 200 nations known as the "Lima Accord." On the surface, it appears that the Lima Accord ends an impasse that has prevented the UN from creating a global concerted effort to fight climate change. However, digging deeper, the Lima Accord lacks the enforcement and investment we need to really stop climate chaos. And it's failure to act more urgently exposes the growing rift between wealthy and poor nations on how to act.